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JAMS is a new Canadian music school created to provide a just and accessible learning experience to students of all backgrounds, identities, and experiences, through online private music lessons. While the online learning format has become popular due to COVID-19, we believe it is an essential service to offer at all times. No matter where you live, you deserve access to quality music education.


JAMS strives to create a community of teachers and students who are anti-racist in their ideologies and practices, and who are both highly valued members of our music community. We believe music learning, music appreciation, and music performance are vital to sustaining a flourishing culture and can create strong, meaningful bonds between teachers, students, and audiences alike.

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...a fun instrument in a supportive environment!

Our highly qualified teachers offer lessons to students of all ages, from beginner to university level, anywhere in the world. Each student's lesson is tailored to fit their level and goals. Click here to see the instruments we offer, and meet our teachers!

Teach a fair, co-operative model!

JAMS is proud to be a worker co-operative. This means JAMS is democratically run and collectively owned by its teachers. This model allows JAMS' offer to teachers to be far superior to traditional music schools, attracting high quality and committed teachers across Canada. Click here to learn more!

Contribute support our financial aid initiatives!

JAMS values everyone in our community, and is committed to making the joy of playing and learning music accessible to all. Contributing to our financial aid initiatives allows us to lower the prices of lessons for those requiring financial assistance. You can also sponsor a low-income student's lessons. Thank you for your support!

Music education is in dire need of change.
Take a look at our founding members' demands:

"I want to create a new and equitable model for music education."

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