Online Music Lessons

JAMS is proud to offer accessible online music lessons in a variety of instruments.

From piano to flute and many options in between, our teachers are always excited to meet new students and help you discover the joy of music learning!

You can scroll down to our list of available instruments below.

Here is what you'll want to know about becoming a student at JAMS!


Instrument and Teacher Options

You get to choose your instrument from the list below, as well as your teacher!

Once you click on your desired instrument, you'll discover all the teachers available to you and their availability, rates, biography, and more. Keep in mind that the rates of each teacher may differ.

If you don't have a specific teacher preference, not to worry! We will assign one to you based on various compatibility factors.


Our teachers are graduates from:


We encourage all prospective students to sign up for a FREE 20-minute trial lesson with the teacher of their choice (you can also refrain from choosing a specific teacher right away).


During the trial lesson, you'll get to discuss your personal goals and experience with the teacher and get to know each other a little bit.


After the lesson, you can take all the time you need before formally registering for lessons. You can reach out to the teacher or to the JAMS admin (jams.musiceducation@gmail.com) with any questions, comments, and/or concerns you have. We are always happy to chat with you!


Sign-Up Procedure



Study and

Payment Plans

At JAMS, we offer two different study and payment  options to accommodate as many needs as possible.


The Committed Plan: this is a long-term study plan, ideal for students wishing to make consistent progress on their instrument through weekly lessons. You get the chance to multiply your knowledge week by week, month by month, and build a supportive and meaningful connection with your teacher.


You will be automatically billed by credit card each week through our website, so you never have to think about making payments!


The Casual Plan: this is a short-term study plan, ideal for students wishing to take a pre-determined amount of lessons in bulk. You'll be able to focus on and reach one specific goal during your learning process, such as preparing for an audition or surprising your spouse with a song on your wedding day!


You will pay for your bulk lessons in advance, either through PayPal or bank e-transfer, so you never have to think about money again!


Please check out our Student Policy page for regulations regarding these study and payment plans. We also offer Financial Aid to students in need.

Take a look at what our students are saying about JAMS teachers:

“Keith is evidently a very capable musician, and is a fantastic teacher. He gives confidence and reassurance towards what you are doing, and will gently push you to redo a task until he knows that you can. Keith is always giving tips and tricks that are specific to you.

The best part of working with Keith is that you always feel
empowered and you never feel judged, which I believe demonstrates empathy as a teacher. Going to guitar lessons has given me consistency in my weekly schedule and gives me something to look forward to, which is really valuable in these trying times.

I would recommend Keith to anyone who wants a knowledgeable teacher whose enthusiasm for music is infectious.”

-Sarah, Guitar Student

JAMS is currently offering private online lessons in the following instruments*:

*Interested in an instrument that's not listed here? Send us a quick e-mail; we'll work on finding the perfect teacher for you!

**All of our teachers are able to teach Theory and Ear Training. Please fill out the application form to request lessons in this subject.


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