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The piano has been around for a long time, but developing keyboard skills is still a crucial tool for musicians of all kinds! It's an excellent beginner's instrument for those learning theory, as well as for those wanting to learn the virtuosic skills of Oscar Peterson, Glenn Gould, or Elton John. Our teachers will meet all your keyboard needs and have you picking out tunes in no time!


The voice is the oldest and most accessible instrument in the world. Our versatile voice teachers will guide you through the technical foundations of singing using vocal exercises, and then bring those tools into songs that interest you. Whether you're interested in musical theatre, pop, opera, jazz, or singing any other genre for personal enjoyment or a performance, working with a teacher will be rewarding.


One of the most popular instruments around the globe, the guitar is a fun and versatile instrument for students of all ages. Whether you're interested in classical guitar, heavy metal shredding, folk fingerpicking, jazz improvisation, or something in between, our teachers will help you find your own style and meet your goals!


Bass Guitar

All jokes aside, the bass guitar is no laughing matter. In a band or ensemble, the bass guitar is the glue that holds down the rhythm while providing the foundation for harmonic changes. Along with being a crucial background instrument, the bass can also be a lead instrument, as shown by virtuosic players like Victor Wooten or Thundercat. Find your bass groove today!


The cajón, or 'box drum', is an increasingly popular percussion instrument perfect for keeping the beat in a lower-volume environment. Originating from Peru and commonly found in Latin American music, the cajón can be a stand-in for a drumset, or be used to lay down a rhythm in its own unique way. Get started and become the next master of an instrument on the rise!


Beyond the world of drums lies a whole family of percussion instruments that bring the rhythm to all styles of music. Our teachers specialize in two- and four-mallet technique for marimba, vibraphone and xylophone, as well as frame drums, orchestral percussion, and more! We are happy to meet our students' percussive needs and keep the groove going.



The flute is hands-down the most versatile metal tube you'll ever come across, and it's one of the oldest instruments in the world! From Bach to Prokofiev to pop music, by way of Jethro Tull, you'll have endless hours of fun learning this instrument. You'll learn what it takes to improvise with modern techniques, play as a soloist, and audition for orchestras.


From the genre defining melodies of Charlie Parker to the contemporary extended techniques of Leo P, the saxophone continues to evolve as new voices create unique sounds on the instrument. Whether you're interested in foundational techniques or learning to improvise in a group setting, our teachers are excited to work with you! We offer instruction in classical, jazz, and pop genres.


All music starts with the composer. With our composition teachers, you will learn how to make original music in a cohesive way, helping you to perfect your details and make everything glue together in the big picture. You will also learn to write for the strengths of each instrument as well as compose for the digital world.


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