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What's a Co-operative?

JAMS is a Worker Co-operative!

Worker co-operatives are businesses that are owned and democratically controlled by the members. In this case, the members of JAMS are the music teachers. Worker co-ops differ substantially from conventional businesses. A conventional business’ primary aim is to make profit for the owners and investors, who may or may not be employed by the business. On the other hand, the worker co-op’s primary goal is to provide service to its employees and its community rather than service to the owners of capital.

As members of a worker co-op, JAMS' teachers receive fair payment for their work, and as co-owners, they share the benefits of JAMS success. There is no singular boss profiting off their workers' labour with no consideration for their livelihood and welfare. Our teachers are treated with dignity and respect and are surrounded by peers and equals under this co-operative model.

Virtually any enterprise can be organized as a worker co-operative. JAMS is proud to be one of the only music education cooperatives in Canada!

Canadian Co-operative Resources

JAMS is now a proud member of the CWCF!

Aren't co-operatives great?
Consider working in one through JAMS!